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Terms and conditions of purchases and returns


Super Skypark
Taevapark OÜ (Pärnu mnt 139c/2, Tallinn Harju County 11317)
E-mail: info@superskypark.ee
Registry code: 14137798
VAT number: EE102019708
Swedbank b/a: EE67 2200 2210 6545 1729

General ticket purchase terms and conditions of Super Skypark

1. Visitors to Super Skypark entertainment centre (hereinafter: Super Skypark or the Centre) can purchase tickets on the website www.superskypark.ee, via the Super Skypark mobile application and at the cashier on the premises.
2. Tickets purchased on the Super SkyparK website and via the Super Skypark mobile application are sent to the e-mail address provided by the visitor.
3. Super Skypark will not repurchase tickets already sold.
4. The visitors must verify the information on their tickets upon receipt of the ticket (in case of an e-ticket, upon booking). Super Skypark is not obliged to correct a ticket purchased erroneously .
5. The cashier at Super Skypark accepts the following methods of payment: bank card, cash, gift cards and mall vouchers. On the website Superskypark.ee and in the mobile application, you can pay via an online bank, with a credit card and by bank transfer.
6. By purchasing Super Skypark tickets, visitors accept the general ticket purchase terms and conditions of Super Skypark and the general rules of play of the Centre.
7. To enter the Centre and use any extra services, the visitors need to present a valid ticket to an employee or scan it at the entrance gate of Super Skypark.
8. Purchased tickets can be exchanged at the cashier of the Centre only. If the new tickets are more expensive (depending on the content of the service), the visitor will pay the difference. Tickets are only refunded if a service is not provided due to a fault arising from Super Skypark.
9. If a visitor purchases a discount ticket, the employee of the Centre will have the right to ask for the document that serves as a basis for the discount.
10. The prices at Super Skypark include all taxes.