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360° cinema // Closed!

Open Fridya 4 - 9 p.m.
on weekends 12 - 9 p.m.

Open Fridya 4 - 9 p.m.
on weekends 12 - 9 p.m.

Have a seat inside a movie and enjoy an all-round cinema experience!

NB! Cinemas are closed at the moment!

In the 360⁰ cinema, the viewer sits in the middle of a room wearing 3D glasses surrounded by a circular wall that is one large screen. Movies specially produced for the round-hall cinema offer vivid and magnificent views of the nature and sci-fi fantasies in a perfectly realistic experience.

The 25-seat cinema has a selection of different films, each around 10 minutes long. Cinema tickets are sold at the cashier of the Mall and in the gift shop. 

Dinosaur World


In this movie, we will be racing on the sea, underwater and on the ground to meet dinosaurs and other creatures – this adventure is a great experience for anyone, especially for children.

Bee Musical


Join this colourful journey as the bees enter a kaleidoscopic trek taking them across the ocean and into the forest whilst enjoying a musical montage.



Join the Ninjas as they attempt to rescue the Golden Crane from the powerful Shogun. Will good conquer evil and do they succeed against all odds?



Meet the sailing ships though the eyes of the flying penguin and follow him as he guides them through the magical world under the ocean. As a major storm brews with tornadoes ahead meet Poseidon. Can he rescue the team and save the day?

The Room


Not for the faint hearted are you brave enough to enter the room?? A horror film exploring the subconscious and bringing to life horrible memories of old institutions and festering bodies trapped in a time warp.

The movie selection is constantly updated – ask for more information on the spot!

Super Skypark’s 360-degree 4D cinema was created by the Italian company Moviemax3D, known for its dedication and cutting-edge technical solutions.

Check out our interactive 7D cinema as well, where you get to influence the course of the movie:

7D movies are 5D at the moment, the guns are not in use!

7D cinema

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