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Terms and conditions


The standard package includes the rental of the party room and 15 trampoline and play centre area passes (9 rooms) or 20 passes (8 rooms, two of which can be joined into one big room by removing the partition wall, to fit 60–70 people)

If there are more people at the party who wish to use the attractions, extra tickets are available at the rate of EUR 5/person. The visitors (as a rule, parents) who are not using the attractions will have free admission with a “chaperone’s wristband”.

A pass for the trampoline and play centre allows access to the area during the party and the use of the attractions at the Super Skypark trampoline and play centre. The area also has some paid attractions which can be used by inserting euro coins of EUR 0.20 / EUR 1.

The price of a party room comprises the use of the room at a set pre-booked time. An activated wristband allows the wearer to spend up to 3 hours in the trampoline and play centre area.15 minutes are allowed before and after the 2.5-hour party for preparing and cleaning up the party room. We kindly ask you to clean up the room and vacate it on time so that the Super Skypark team can get the room ready for the next party.

Visitors are permitted to bring the food and drinks to be consumed at the party to the party room. To ensure the maintenance of the Taevapark OÜ property, exiting the party room with food is not permitted. Taevapark OÜ has the right to demand full compensation for any damages, primarily to the extent of the value of the property damaged by food.

The party rooms on both floors come with a secondary kitchen with a fridge, sinks, a microwave and a kettle, as well as vases, bowls, trays, cake spatulas and knives and juice jars. We kindly request that you to wash up any dishes you use and put them back in their original place.

We recommend visitors remain in the trampoline and play centre in grip socks, indoor footwear with smooth or rubber soles or barefoot to avoid the risk of slipping.

Please take your outerwear and footwear along with you to the party room – we have coat racks and shoe racks in every room.

Taevapark OÜ will not provide a babysitting service. Children are the responsibility of their parents or the person who booked the party room, including when a Master of Ceremonies is present at the party. To maintain safety, we ask parents to keep an eye on all the children present at the party.

Party rooms can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

If the booking is successful, an automatic booking confirmation is sent to the e-mail addressed entered when booking. If you receive no e-mail, make sure to contact the Super Skypark centre immediately at telli@superskypark.ee or by calling +372 5690 7771.



The rental price depends on the party room rented and the weekday the party is held on.

When making a booking, you can choose whether you prefer making an advance payment (EUR 35) only or paying the entire rental price. If you make an advance payment, you can pay the rest at Super Skypark on the spot in cash or with a bank card.

For any other services (extra services) ordered in the booking, the full amount must be paid at once.

A booking can be paid for by bank transfer in 3 calendar days at the latest after making the booking. The bank details of Taevapark OÜ will be provided in the booking confirmation sent to the e-mail entered in the booking.

If a bank transfer is not received in 3 calendar days (in 72 hours after making the booking), including weekends and national holidays, the booking will automatically be deleted.

A booking cannot be paid for by bank transfer if there are fewer than 7 calendar days between the booking and the event.

A booking of a party room can be cancelled by clicking on the cancellation link given in the booking confirmation letter.

If a visitor cancels a party room booking 14 calendar days or more before the event, the amount paid is fully refundable. Please send your refund request to telli@superskypark.ee (subject: refund, content: order number, add payment order).

If a booking is cancelled less than 14 calendar days before the event, the amount will remain as a deposit and can be used for booking a new room. The new event must be held in within 1 year (from initial time of the event). For special solutions please contact telli@superskypark.ee

Guest can receive a full refund if the cancellation is made 72 hours prior to the event. Please send a payment order to the following address: telli@superskypark.ee

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