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We don’t need to sugarcoat anything because we indeed do have the coolest place to work in Tallinn – the region’s largest entertainment centre, the best view in Tallinn, flexible working hours, sporty pastime options, educational science centre, excellent food, and team mates selected based on values are only some of the benefits of Super Skypark.

We are inviting you to join our team:

What we offer:

  • flexible working hours

  • family discounts

  • great lunch prices

  • free workouts

We do not expect a long essay or any photoshopped diplomas from you. You’re practically part of our team if you are smart and playful, willing to fully commit yourself to a good cause, know how to be a friendly and reliable companion, appreciate being part of a strong team and act as a team player yourself.

Or send your CV to : tuletiimi@superskypark.ee

How is work in the whole team organised?

In addition to the only observation wheel in Tallinn and Europe’s largest trampoline area, the family centre Super Skypark features a hands-on science centre, a 360-degree cinema and a 7D interactive cinema, electric bumper cars, birthday party rooms and lots of other playful things. Hundreds of guests a day need instructing and organising – you will greet them at the counter or root for the children discovering the world at the science centre and learning new ticks on the trampoline. Different duties every day and lots of variety – we have a rotating schedule and flexible working hours. If you’re looking for good emotions and diversity, you are welcome to join us as an ATTENDANT.

Our science centre and play area include a 203-shelf gift and science item shop, visited by tens of thousands of tourists. We are looking for smart SHOP ATTENDANTS to join us.

The family centre accommodates a 140 square metre kitchen and a 200-seat restaurant and cafe. We invite CHEFS, PIZZA CHEFS and CATERING SERVICE ATTENDANTS to join our team.

Our family centre is larger than a football pitch and all of our 7,000 square metres need a loving hand. We are looking for energetic CLEANERS.

In our centre, we have attractions for all ages and interests – in the science centre, you can put your hands on everything and grab a virtual gun in the cinema, for example. The Skywheel of Tallinn is spinning 12 hours a day and the bumper cars are also always ready for a drive. To guarantee the smooth operation of these truly safe attractions, we are looking for TECHNICIANS and MECHANICS to join our team.

All this is kept together by the MANAGER OF THE DAY, who finds solutions to daily issues and keeps everyone’s spirits up.

INVITE YOUR FRIEND TO JOIN OUR TEAM! Send them this video by Tigran: