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General rules of play at the Super Skypark family entertainment centre

Before visiting Super Skypark and using our facilities, we kindly ask you to

read and accept all of our rules!  On our part, we offer you lots of fun playing

in our safe, caring and stimulating environment!


As a super-guest:

  • I have noted that starting from 03.10.2022 it is not allowed to be barefoot in Super Skypark areas.
  • I understand that starting from 03.10.2022
    • I need to wear socks while visiting Trampoline and play areas, when I am not using any attractions (ie wearing wristband with supervisor visitor rights)
    • I need to wear special grip-sole trampoline socks or soft non-slip sole gymnastics slippers while I am visiting and using attractions (ie trampoline arenas, climbing attraction, open play area attractions)
  • I will be polite towards other guests and will behave in a good and considerate manner.
  • I will care for myself and others! So, I will only come to Super Skypark when I’m in good health – when I’m ill, I will treat myself at home.
  • I understand that Super Skypark will not provide a babysitting service – children will be safer and will have more fun when supervised by a parent or another chaperoning person.
  • I will not litter – I will put any litter in rubbish bins.
  • I will immediately notify a Super Skypark employee of an accident, an injury to a guest or any other dangerous situation.
  • I will keep an eye on my personal belongings. I am aware that Taevapark OÜ will not take responsibility for any losses arising from the loss or theft of or damage to the guests’ personal belongings.
  • I will take any items I find to a Super Skypark employee. Any items left here should be collected in one month.
  • I know that smoking and consuming any other drugs in Super Skypark is prohibited. Entrance to Super Skypark under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  • I will use the property of the centre carefully and prudently. Should I damage or destroy any property belonging to Taevapark OÜ, Taevapark OÜ will have the right to demand full compensation for the damages.
  • I will leave my pet at home! Super Skypark is not suitable or a safe environment for pets.
  • I am aware that it is permissable to take photos and record videos at Super Skypark. By entering Super Skypark, the parent or any other chaperoning person consents to photos being taken or videos made of themselves and their children.
  • I am aware that the Super Skypark centre has video surveillance cameras in use.
  • If an employee of Super Skypark discovers a prohibited activity, he/she will have the right to ask the guest to immediately leave our centre.
  • Service provider: Taevapark OÜ, registry code 14137798, Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn, Eesti