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Please check out our terms and conditions!

Terms and conditions for using the party rooms



The standard package includes the rental of the party room and 15 trampoline and play centre area passes (9 rooms) or 20 passes (8 rooms, two of which can be joined into one big room by removing the partition wall, to fit 60–70 people)

If there are more people at the party who wish to use the attractions, extra tickets are available at a rate of EUR 6/person. The guests (as a rule, parents) who are not using the attractions will get free admission with a “chaperone’s wristband”.

A pass to the trampoline and play centre allows access to the area during the party and the use of the attractions at the Super Skypark trampoline and play centre. The area also has some paid attractions which can be used by inserting euro coins of EUR 0.20 / EUR 0.50 / EUR 1.

The price of a party room comprises the use of the room at a set pre-booked time. An activated wristband allows the wearer to spend up to 3 hours in the trampoline and play centre area. 15 minutes are allowed before and after the 2.5 hour party for preparing and cleaning up the party room. We kindly ask you to clean up the room and vacate it on time so that the Super Skypark team can get the room ready for the next party.

Visitors are permitted to bring the food and drinks to be consumed at the party to the party room. To ensure the maintenance of the Taevapark OÜ property, exiting the party room with food is not permitted. Taevapark OÜ has the right to demand full compensation for any damages, primarily to the extent of the value of the property damaged by food.

On both floors, the party rooms come with a secondary kitchen with a fridge, sinks, a microwave and a kettle, as well as vases, bowls, trays, cake spatulas and knives and juice jars for use in the party rooms. We kindly request that you to wash up any dishes you use and put them back in their original place.

Starting from 03.10.2022 it is not allowed to be in the centre barefoot or in outdoor shoes. We allow visitors, who are not using attractions (ie supervisors and party-room guest-parents), to wear regular socks/stockings.

Starting from 03.10.2022, using attractions in Super Skypark family entertainment centre is allowed only while wearing special non-slip sole trampoline grip-socks or soft non-slip sole gymnastics slippers!

Please take your outerwear and footwear along with you to the party room – we have coat racks and shoe racks in every room.

Taevapark OÜ will not provide a babysitting service. Children are the responsibility of their parents or the person who booked the party room, even if a Master of Ceremonies is present at the party. To maintain safety, we ask parents to keep an eye on all the children present at the party.

Party rooms can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

If the booking is successful, an automatic booking confirmation is sent to the e-mail address entered when booking. If you receive no e-mail, make sure to contact the Super Skypark centre immediately at telli@superskypark.ee or by calling +372 5663 6536 (Daria Guseva).


The rental price depends on the party room rented and the weekday the party is held on.

When making a booking, you can choose whether you prefer making an advance payment (EUR 35) only or paying the entire rental price. If you make an advance payment, you can pay the rest at Super Skypark on the spot in cash or with a bank card.

For any other services (extra services) ordered in the booking, the full amount must be paid at once.

A booking of a party room can be cancelled/or change by clicking on the cancellation link given in the booking confirmation letter or by e-mail: telli@superskypark.ee.

If a visitor cancels a party room booking 14 calendar days or more before the event, the amount paid is fully refundable. Please send your refund request to telli@superskypark.ee (subject: refund, content: order number, add payment order).

If a booking is cancelled less than 14 calendar days before the event, the amount will remain as a deposit and can be used for booking a new room. The new event must be held in within 1 year (from initial time of the event).

If a catering order is cancelled 72 hours before the event, the amount paid is fully refundable.
Please send your refund request to telli@superskypark.ee (subject: refund, content: order number, add payment order). If a catering order is cancelled less than 72 hours before the event, it is possible to collect the order on the spot or the amount will remain as a deposit and can be used for booking a new room. The new event must be held in within 1 year (from initial time of the event).



Data processing principles

It is important for us to ensure the responsible protection of your personal data. The personal data processing policy describes which data we collect and for what purpose. The data are processed according to current legislation and in processing your personal data, we are always guided by your interests, rights and freedoms.

Personal data are processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

The controller of the customer’s personal data is TAEVAPARK OÜ, registry code 14137798, registered address at Harju County, Tallinn, Lasnamäe District, Peterburi road 2, 11415.

The purpose of personal data processing

The purpose of personal data processing is to analyse the personal data collected by the company and thereby facilitate the use of the services provided by the company. Furthermore, the collection of personal data helps provide more personalised and adapted website content for the user.

Personal data sharing and transfer

your personal data will not be transferred to any third persons, except to:


    • provider of the e-mail service if you are sent promotional materials and offers


    • web developers when required to ensure the smooth operation of the website


    • third parties the company collaborates with. If a decision is made to share your personal data with the company’s partners, the data will be processed according to the personal data processing instructions and only for the purposes that are in accordance with the company’s goals for data collection.


    • state authorities (e.g. the police and the tax board) for legal reasons.


In the cases above, the partners will process the data received as independent personal data administrators according to their privacy policy and instructions.

Personal data storage

The processing of personal data is in compliance with legal requirements, i.e. the personal data will not be preserved longer than is necessary for processing. This means that the data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the original purpose they were collected for or are no longer relevant. In handling personal data, high-level security and confidentiality requirements are always followed.

Customer’s rights in the processing of personal data

with regard to his or her personal data, the customer has the right to exercise his or her lawful rights:

  • the right to request access to the personal data relating to the customer;
  • the right to request the rectification of data;
  • the right to request the deletion of data;
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data;
  • the right to object to the processing of personal data;
  • the right to request the transfer of personal data;
  • the right to withdraw consent;
  • the right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes (including personal data analysis or profiling)
  • the right to unsubscribe from newsletters / personal offers

The data collected on the website

On the website, the following personal data may be collected about you through various forms:

  • Booking a room:
    • your name
    • your e-mail address
    • your phone number
    • your child’s name
    • your child’s age
  • Making a purchase in our online shop:
    • your e-mail address
  • Placing a group order:
    • your name
    • your e-mail address
    • your phone number
  • Cancelling an order:
    • your name
    • your phone number


About cookies

When you visit our website, your personal data may be collected and the information on the use of the website and the pages you have visited is saved. The information collected may may concern technical details about your device and Internet connection (e.g. the operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies and unique identifiers).

Cookies are small text files installed by the browser in your computer or device when you visit our website, to improve your browsing experience, assess the use of the content and facilitate the marketing of our services. Cookies enable the monitoring of user statistics of the website and any other operations on the website. Cookies help make our web service simpler and more convenient and provide you with a better service. Cookies are not dangerous and do not in any manner harm the computer or any files.

How we use cookies

We use specific cookies on our website to provide you with the best possible user experience and ensure the website is operating efficiently. We only use the cookies we deem necessary and useful.

Cookies help:

  • remember your settings and preferences
  • improve the speed and security of the website
  • personalise the website and find information faster
  • plan improvement and development of the website
  • tailoring offers and promotional announcements to your needs

Types and classification of cookies

We use both first and third-party cookies which can at the same time be session cookies or permanent cookies.

  • Temporary or session cookies are stored in your computer only for the time you are using the specific web browser, and are deleted after closing the browser. Temporary cookies are generally used for providing the user with a better web browser experience.
  • Permanent cookies – these cookies save your preferences or activities. Permanent cookies allow the website to remember any choices made earlier by the user (e.g. user name, language, etc.) and thereby provide more efficient and personalised functions.

In comparison with session cookies, they have a longer working life and they apply to each specific cookie within the given deadline. Permanent cookies are not deleted when the browser is closed, and are saved on your device.

First-party cookies are cookies installed by us on the website to save the information that can be used the next time you visit the website.

Third-party cookies are cookies created by third parties and used by us for analytic purposes. We use the information received for preparing website functionality reports and making the website more efficient.

Cookies are classified as follows:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – they make it possible to use the functions of the website and remember the information entered in forms even when the user goes to other subpages during the session. The services of a website are not possible without strictly necessary cookies. Strictly necessary cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and do not remember which pages were accessed on the Internet.
  • Performance cookies – they collect information about the use of the website and can be used to improve the way the website works. Performance cookies show which pages were accessed the most often, which difficulties were encountered when the website was accessed and whether or not a website advertisement works. Performance cookies do not collect peronal information and all of the collected information is anonymous.
  • Functionality cookies – these cookies remember your choices and offer improved and more personal functions. Furthermore, these cookies remember the changes made, but do not save activities on third-party websites.
  • Advertising cookies – these cookies are used to send advertisements that correspond to your interests and to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. Advertising cookies are used to collect data on the user’s browsing habits, which in turn allows the display of advertising content on the website according to the user’s preferences. Also, advertising cookies help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Third-party functions

Facebook, Twitter and Google, for example, may use their cookies or other methods to collect information about the content of our website that you have visited. They use this kind of information to provide analyses of user statistics and advertising on topics that interest you.

We cannot access or control the cookies installed on our site by third parties – the use of these cookies is covered by the privacy policies of the installers. We therefore advise you to read the privacy policies of all third parties.

Cookies used on the website

On our website, we use the following cookies that contain the user’s data:

  • user’s language preferences
  • consent status of the user to the privacy policy and terms of use
  • cookies relating to the Google Analytics system
  • cookies relating to Facebook’s and Google’s sharing and login systems
  • Content cookies attached by third parties (e.g. Youtube)

Management and deletion of cookies

To use all the features of our website, you need to enable the cookies.

You have the right to refuse the storing of cookies on your computer, which can be done in your browser settings. If you disable cookies, you need to bear in mind that some of the functions of the website may not be accessible and we cannot guarantee proper functioning of the website.

We will not use your personal data for any purpose other than what is specified in this document. We will inform you of any changes to the terms and conditions and will ask for your consent again.

If you have accepted our terms of use but would like to withdraw your consent, please contact us at info@skypark.ee and send us your identification number. Your unique ID is –

Last changed on 16 August 2018