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Hands-on science centre SkyLab

Take photos with extraordinary light effects, compete in a screaming contest, test your state of mind in the mood dome or use mega-blocks to build just about anything. The SkyLab science centre invites you to discover the amazing world of science and technology!

The hands-on science centre, SkyLab, at Super Skypark has something for discoverers, explorers, tinkerers, sceptics, inventors and the simply curious, regardless of their age. Just please don’t keep your hands off the exhibits! We have put together three journeys for different temperaments and interests:

  • Like to have fun with science? Exceed the weekly em>selfie limit with exciting light effects or amid 300 mirrors, or draw mirror images. We promise you’ll get great pics to share!
  • Want to put yourself or your friends to the test? At SkyLAB, you can compete in a screaming contest, build a giant yo-yo or move things with your mind, just to name a few!
  • Prefer to discover the world in peace? Explore and build with your own hands? Come and test your temperament in a mood dome, fly scarves in a wind tunnel and build with giant blocks.

A third of our exhibits have been designed and built in Estonia exclusively for SkyLAB. But we have your old favourites as well.

The science centre is also accessible by wheelchair and prams. We recommend pre-schoolers be accompanied by a person aged at least 16.

The pass will give you access to the science centre for the whole day. Come and explore!

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Ages 0–3
Family ticket
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