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Rules of play in the trampoline and play centre

Before visiting Super Skypark and using our facilities, we kindly ask you to read and accept our general rules of play!
On our part, we guarantee you lots of fun playing in our safe, caring and stimulating environment!

As a super-guest of the TRAMPOLINE AND PLAY CENTRE:

  • I am aware that the day ticket wristband gives me unlimited access to all attractions in the trampoline and play centre.
  • The wristband allows me to leave the area to use other Super Skypark services (catering, bumper cars, cinemas, gift shop “Super Skypark”, the science centre SkyLab, the observation wheel, etc.) and getting back in afterwards.
  • Note! If you take off the wristband, you cannot go back into the centre.
  • I understand that children aged 7 and under can only visit the trampoline and play centre with a parent/chaperone. Taevapark OÜ will not check whether the chaperone is authorised by the parent to accompany the child.
  • I will keep in mind that it is not allowed to visit the centre barefoot. I understand that wearing mandatory grip-socks in trampoline and play centre is to avoid the risk of slipping. NB! Starting from 03.10.2022, it is allowed to use attractions only when wearing either special grip-socks or non-slip rubber sole gymnastics slippers.
  • I understand that Super Skypark employee can check the validity of the wristband and also the suitability of socks/slippers, if necessary.
  • I will keep an eye on my personal belongings and never leave personal belongings unattended  (bag, mobile phone, keys, etc.).
  • I will leave any valuables in a locker. The lockers are located in the trampoline and play centre area (deposit for the key is 2€).
  • I will leave my outerwear and outdoor footwear in the cloakroom – I know that the cloakroom is not guarded!
  • I understand food and drinks are not allowed in the cloakroom or on the attractions (only bottles with caps on are allowed).
  • I will only consume food and drinks in the designated areas – the ice cream cafe and the family restaurant Claudz! Super Skypark employees have the right to collect food and beverages left unattended outside the catering areas and throw them in the trash.
  • I will ensure the activities at the trampoline and play centre correspond to my physical abilities and health status.
  • I am aware that Taevapark OÜ is not responsible for possible accidents of guests if they have occurred due to the guest’s violation of the Super Skypark rules or are not caused by Taevapark OÜ’s breach of contract or gross negligence (cases directly related to attraction / service failure). For the occurrence of health damage or possible related costs Taevapark OÜ is liable to the extent prescribed by the law.
  • I will keep in mind that all activities in Super Skypark are coordinated by an employee and in case of repeated failure to comply with the rules of the trampoline and play centre, an employee may ask the violator to promptly leave the centre!
Tickets for the trampoline and play centre