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Frequently Asked Questions – trampoline socks

NB! Using attractions in Super Skypark family entertainment centre is allowed only while wearing special non-slip sole trampoline grip-socks or soft non-slip sole gymnastics slippers!

Oh OK, new rules, what does this mean? Who has to wear what.. 🤯

Don’t worry – all necessary info about barefoot-ban and new sock-rule is on this page 👇

  1. Can I come to centre with just regular socks?
    1. We are 100% sure, that wearing special non-slip sole trampoline grip-socks is the (only) best choice to ensure a super-safe and a super-hygienic visit to our entertainment centre!
    2. If you wish to use attractions (ie trampoline arenas, climbing centres and open play area attractions), then wearing special trampoline socks is mandatory. Regular socks cause slipping and sliding on surfaces (more easily than grip-socks) and this unfortunately causes more accidents and dangerous situations. A funny thought for you – our other option (instead on grip-sock-rule) was to ban all kind of jumping and running in our centre, but this would not be a logical choice in a trampoline centre 😅
    3. From hygiene point of view – regular socks vs trampoline grip-socks are not different from each other (in efficiency). Then again, when you plan on using attractions and having fun, then it is most optimal to wear one type of socks for the full duration of visit.
  2. But can I wear stocking/tights (the really thin ones, like 20DEN..)?
    1. Well, you can wear them, but attraction users all, still, have to follow one rule – non-slip sole trampoline grip-socks must be worn at all times when using attractions.
  3. If I don’t use any attractions at all (I promise 🤞) and I am an adult just supervising/visiting with group (ie supervisor for a child, teacher visiting with class, parent on birthday party), do I have to wear special trampoline socks?
    1. No! If you are not using any attractions at all and you have a ticket/access right just as “supervisor”, then you are allowed to wear your normal regular socks. We just kindly remind you that it is not allowed to be barefoot in our entertainment centre.
  4. Why are trampoline socks mandatory? Why do I have to wear them?
    1. This is the safest choice (the super-safe choice), because:
      1. Trampoline socks have non-slip grip-sole. Less slipping = less unexpected and uncontrollable falls and stumbles.
      2. Wearing socks is safer for your toes as well! Minimal to zero chance for your toes to get stuck somewhere.
      3. This is the only way to ensure best traction on trampoline (and padding, platform) surface, and this in return makes it safer to jump and tumble (easier to keep your balance and make controlled landings.
    2. This is the most hygienic choice (wearing socks in general, that is) – our trampoline socks are made from cotton, which makes the socks breathable and keep your soles dry.
  5. What are special trampoline socks?
    1. Non-slip sole grip-socks designed especially for better traction on trampoline surface.
  6. Do I have to buy trampoline socks from Super Skypark?
    1. You have the possibility! Buying from our centre is the most convenient option, we recommend our socks 🤩
      1. Super Skypark trampoline socks are pretty, durable and with a nice price.
      2. Super Skypark trampoline socks can be purchased from all our main salespoints (main ticket sales/info, our candy and gift shop KingiPood and from Balbiino ice-cream cafe (in the ticketed area)).
      3. Super Skypark yellow and blue trampoline socks are available in a very wide size-range: 21-47.
    2. And to answer the question: No, it is not mandatory to purchase from us. We accept all correct non-slip sole grip-socks that are suitable for trampolines and attractions; you can buy them from wherever you feel like 🤸‍♀️
  7. Do I have to buy new socks each time?
    1. No! Trampoline socks should be clean, without holes and in correct size for your feet. It is up to you to decide, when to purchase new socks.
  8. I’m visiting the centre with my toddler, we only use climbing attraction and slides – do we both have to wear socks?
    1. Trampoline socks are needed to ensure safety on attractions and while using attractions. If your toddler is using attractions, trampoline socks are needed. If you, the attending and supervising parent, are not having any fun at all, not using any attractions at all and just literally stand by – then it is allowed to wear regular socks.
  9. I’m using only coin operated games and vending machines, so I still have to wear special socks?
    1. In this case, it is really not needed to have grip-socks, true 😅.
  10. I’m visiting with a baby, who is mostly in carriage/trolley, does my baby need trampoline socks?
    1. Well, no! Just being on the premises does not require trampoline socks. But, as your baby eagerly starts using the attractions, then trampoline socks are needed, especially for young kids’ safety provision.
  11. Can I wear indoor shoes? The soles are clean and also non-slip.
    1. It is not allowed to wear indoor actual shoes (sneakers, hard footwear, etc), but we do allow using special gymnastics slippers (these are soft enough, but provide non-slip soles)
  12. I have/my child has prescription soles for my/their shoes and these have to be worn at all times, why cannot I/they wear the prescription soles in Super Skypark?
    1. We are happily willing to accommodate all reasonable and justified requests about not wearing trampoline socks. This kind of medical reason will be taken into account, no question! We’d be thankful if you notified our staff about your special need immediately in the beginning of your visit (in main ticket sales point, for example) – this way our staff won’t bother you with any additional questions throughout your time at our centre.
  13. Is it allowed to wear acrobatics or gymnastics slippers?
    1. Yes, this is allowed. Soft slippers with non-slip grip soles are OK.
  14. Why is this new rule implied only now? I’ve been to Super Skypark already for many years..why weren’t any kind of hygiene and safety rules in effect before?
    1. We have always cared about health and safety, and we continue to do this. Mandatory sock-rule came now, because we feel that together we can achieve more. Our trampoline attendants can whistle all they want, but this won’t keep our visitors from slipping.. but you know what? Wearing trampoline socks will keep everyone from slipping! And as there is nothing our attendants can do about maybe-not-so-clean-and-neat toes, but the socks will keep them at least hidden 😅
  15. Have there been done risk-assessments to prove that special non-slip sole trampoline socks cause less accidents than wearing regular socks?
    1. There are numerous assessments and researches done on this topic around the world, and most of the centres (around the world) have used the results as basis for the decision of making trampoline socks mandatory. Wearing non-slip sole trampoline grip-socks significantly decreases the percentage of un-controlled slipping.
    2. IATP (International Adventure & Trampoline Park Association) is and organization, whose guidelines about trampoline and attraction safety are followed around the world; we do the same.
  16. Why are the special grip-socks so thick? My feet sweat more and this does not seem hygienic at all.
    1. Super Skypark trampoline socks are made from cotton, so the material itself is breathable; it is the silicone grip-pattern under the soles that make the socks a bit more sturdy – this might make the socks feel thicker. Trampoline socks must have a snug fit, this might cause the feel of “sweating more”. In any case, wearing trampoline socks is more hygienic than having sweaty bare feet, I hope we all agree on that, huh 😅
  17. Can I cancel my party-room booking less than 14 days before the actual date of party, because you have added one-sided conditions that cause more costs to me?
    1. Party-room booking cancellation policy is still the same, please have a look at them HERE.


If there are any additional questions or worries regarding trampoline socks and barefoot-ban policy, please contact us!

We are happy to help via e-mail, phone or Facebook chat/Instagram DM: