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About us

Unique in Europe, the Skywheel of Tallinn will take you 120 metres above sea level, opening up a view of Tallinn’s classic skyline at a completely new angle. You can also enjoy the magnificent views of the city, the sea, Lake Ülemiste and the airport in private, with a bottle of chilled champagne.

A smart solution for word-class height

The vistas from Skywheel of Tallinn are comparable to those of the world’s largest observation wheels. This is achieved by smart placement: the wheel itself is 45 metres across, complemented by the 35-metre height of the Mall and the location atop the 40 metre high Sossi Hill. As a result, the observation wheel reaches a peak height of 120 metres above sea level, making it the second highest viewpoint in Tallinn after the TV Tower. Moreover, the technical solution is unique in Europe – rooftop observation wheels have previously been operated in Taiwan and Japan only.

Excellence in safety

To ensure safety, the observation wheel has been accounted for from the very foundations. On top of the building, a 1,500-ton concrete platform balances out the wheel’s oscillation and maintains its stability.

Comfort all year round

The 27 weatherproof gondolas of the Skywheel of Tallinn provide safe and comfortable rides around the year. The gondolas are air-conditioned in the summer. Each gondola has room for up to six people, either standing or sitting. The gondolas have wheelchair and baby pram access. You can also book a ride in the company of your friends only.

The observation wheel is built by the family-owned Dutch company Mondial Rides, who have over 100 years experience. The company started as a manufacturer of harbour cranes and has focused on observation wheels for the past 30 years. Mondial’s most famous observation wheel is the Place de la Concorde wheel in Paris.

The Skywheel of Tallinn project is supported by the European Regional Fund

Operated by Taevapark OÜ, SuperSkypark is the region’s largest indoor family entertainment centre. Our unique-in-Europe rooftop observation wheel adds spice to Tallinn’s classic skyline and opens the city from a completely new viewpoint at 120 metres above sea level.

Super Skypark will boost Estonia’s reputation as a destination for family tourism and will attract at least 45,000 new visitors to Tallinn annually, creating over 80 new jobs.

The European Regional Development Fund supported the observation wheel project with 1.44 million euros.