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The MUMM VIP Experience

Enjoy the Mumm VIP Experience!

Chilled champagne, a magnificent view and a cosy atmosphere, enjoyed with your loved one 120 metres up above Tallinn. An exclusive experience like this is available in the only private gondola – the Mumm VIP gondola – on the Skywheel of Tallinn. The VIP gondola has comfortable leather armchairs for up to four guests, and a champagne cooler in which a cold bottle of the world-famous  champagne by G.H. Mumm or non-alcoholic drink is served.

Mumm VIP Experience will give you half an hour to enjoy the beauty of Tallinn and the drink ordered. Also, the romantics who have booked the VIP gondola do not need to stand in the line, but can instead spend the time waiting at the cosy Mumm champagne bar on the rooftop of the building.

The Mumm VIP Experience package includes:

  • the visit can be booked in advance; the guests are greeted at the Mumm rooftop bar;
  • a 30-minute ride on the Skywheel of Tallinn in the special Mumm VIP gondola for 1–4 people;
  • a bottle of chilled G.H.Mumm champagne (Brut/ Demi Sec) or alco-free sparkling wine. You can order also limonade or juice.

Please arrive 10 minutes before booked riding time. After the ride, you are welcome to enjoy yourself at the Mumm rooftop bar.

Find your inspiration in Mumm’s slogan “Dare, win, celebrate!” and come celebrate and enjoy the good company and the amazing views with Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut champagne!

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