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Rules of play in the trampoline arena

Before visiting Super Skypark and using our facilities, we kindly ask you to read and accept our general rules of play!

On our part, we guarantee you lots of fun playing in our safe, caring and stimulating environment!

As a super-guest of the TRAMPOLINE ARENA:

  • I will wear special trampoline grip-socks or soft non-slip sole gymnastics slippers at all times while using attractions.
  • I will empty my pockets (take out phones, keys, etc.) before jumping.
  • I will remove any jewellery (rings, earrings, belly button rings, chains, handwatches, etc.) and glasses, if possible, before jumping.
  • Any items in pockets may damage the trampoline or the guest and may get lost.
  • I will leave the trampoline if I want to take a break. The trampoline arena is only to be used for the intended purpose (trampoline arena is for jumping, ball court for ball games etc.)
    There are numerous great places to rest in the trampoline and play centre.


  • I know that the following is NOT PERMITTED on the trampoline:
    • jumping on a trampoline with several people at once
    • I will not jump onto a trampoline with another guest already on it as this may throw the other jumper off balance and pose a risk for both guests
    • It is forbidden to jump over someone else
    • I will keep in mind that double flips are not allowed in the trampoline arena, except for flips into the foam pit/ except training in special classes with professional trampoline instructor
    • running (including running across the trampolines, playing tag etc)
    • I know it is forbidden to take any food (including gum) or drinks onto the trampoline.


  • When jumping in the foam pit:
    • I will always land in the foam pit feet or back first
    • I will only jump into the foam pit once the previous jumper has left
    • before jumping into the foam pit, I will make sure no-one is in there or about to jump in at the same time


  • I use the equipment of the trampoline arena carefully, it is NOT ALLOWED:
    • hang on or sit on the trampoline safety pads /nets on purpose, drag them and / or jump on the pads /nets or otherwise damage them
    • throw foam blocks out of the pit or damage them
    • use additional equipment not intended for the trampoline arena (mats, wheels, balls, etc.)
    • play ball games on a non-designated area
  • I am aware that the movements and jumps forbidden for standard guests may only be allowed in the special training classes supervised by a trampoline instructor.
  • I consider that the Super Skypark employee coordinates that the trampoline arena rules are being followed and ensures the well-being of guests. Super Skypark employee has the right to limit the number of people using the trampoline arena and have the right to ask a guest who has violated / disregarded the rules to leave Super Skypark immediately!
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