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Rules of play for the climbing court

Before visiting Super Skypark and using our facilities, we kindly ask you to read and accept our rules of play!

On our part, we guarantee you lots of fun playing in our safe, caring and stimulating environment!

As a super-guest of the CLIMBING COURT:

  • I will only use the court under the supervision of a Super Skypark employee and/or a parent/chaperone.
  • I will ensure the activities at the trampoline and play centre correspond to the physical abilities and health status of myself or my child. To make it more convenient for parents to supervise their children, the first level of the court has been built at a height of 2.1 metres.
  • I will keep in mind that in the court, it is recommended to remove hand watches, jewellery and other sharp items (and glasses, if possible) that might disturb the use of or damage the court.
  • I will dress myself as advised:
    • I am either in socks (grip socks, preferably) or in indoor footwear (rubber sole, smooth outsole pattern).
    • I am aware that, to ensure safe adventures, it is not advised to stay barefoot in the court.
    • I will wear long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt
  • I am aware that:
    • the court is recommended for guests between the ages of 3–16.
    • younger children are advised to stay on the first level where there is still plenty of fun to be had
    • the red drop slide is not recommended for children under 7
  • I will bear in mind that it is forbidden to push others on purpose, etc.
  • I will be very mindful of the rules that ensure my safety during the adventures:
    • when going down the slides, only one person is allowed at a time
    • you are only allowed to go down slides feet first
    • you are only allowed to go down the roller slide one by one
    • it is forbidden to play in front of slides
    • it is forbidden to climb up the slides and roller slides
    • it is forbidden to climb on the outside of the climbing court
  • I will promptly notify a Super Skypark employee of any faults/shortcomings I discover. It is forbidden to fix anything in the climbing court on one’s own.
Tickets for the trampoline and play centre