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Omniva’s singing postbox

Send your loved ones a beautiful card, some good wishes or a greeting through our unique singing postbox!

In the Super Skypark science shop in front of the escalators heading to the observation wheel, you will find the Omniva area, where you can send your greetings to the world. Our postbox is unique – as you place your letter in the postbox, it will start playing music..

Omniva post tree. Photo by: Teele Joost.

Omniva post tree. Photo by: Teele Joost.

The postbox, which looks like a birdhouse, is installed in a 4-metre tree. The tree has everything you need to send good wishes anywhere in the world – a selection of postcards, envelopes, and stamps. You just have to pick your favourites, take a seat on the bench, and take some time off to write lovely messages on the cards you want to send to your close friends or family, while enjoying the bird’s song. Just like in the old days. Once you put the letter in the postbox, it will play you some lovely music.

The tree in the Omniva area in T1 Mall is designed to symbolise the postal service, which has united people and communities for centuries. Just like every new branch brings the leaves closer to the sky, the postal service and its development brings people closer to each other. We believe that the postal service is the circulatory system of society.

Omniva has grown with our country and spread new branches to serve its people better and better every day. Now, we have grown into a big tree with branches all over the planet and roots planted deeply, even in China.

Connecting people does not mean the same thing it used to. The thousands of kilometres between people are no longer an obstacle. Letters, cards, and parcels have brought people even closer to each other. Online purchases and parcels sent to each other are delivered more quickly every day – to the place where it is most convenient to receive them.

However big Omniva may be, our home is still in Estonia. That is why every day, we ensure there are more and more branches connecting the people and that the sprouts keep getting stronger.

We welcome you to visit the Omniva tree in Super Skypark to send your good wishes!

Open 10.00-22.00